The 6th China Financial Expo

The 6th China Financial Expo

brief review

December, 27, 2017


The charm of modern Shenzhen is rather strong that our team again participates in the next exhibition in December 2017! This time we display at "The 6th China Financial Expo".

Officially, the exhibition is dedicated to the financial market. However, from the very first minutes, having taken a look at the participants' stands, you understand that brokerage is only the tip of the iceberg.

As always while being at China's events, it is crowded, noisy and quite hard at the same time. The term “hard» means that every second you've got to explain that you are presenting technology and ready to consider long-term projects. But the local public wants everything here and now: buy some BTC from you, invest in a demo version in the growth of the USD to CNY rate or get an accurate semi-annual forecast for the trends of the crypto-currency market. Asia lives at the extremely high speeds!

In our product portfolio, there are solutions for all sectors of the financial market: from the monolithic solidity of the financial market to crazy and exciting binary options and completely innovative blockchain solutions. After each event, our team determines the current trend to comprehend essential customers' demand. Prior to this event, it was quite predictable and understandable - most visitors saw stability in financial business and expressed distrustful, even somehow skeptical, attitude to all those cryptohypes. The December event in Shenzhen completely broke the mentioned trend.

Respected private financial authorities from Hong Kong, UAE, Singapore and China seem to be tired of their conservative "Royces" and want to take a place behind the wheel of "McLaren". We are sure that the blockchain has become exactly the technology that can be considered a financial elixir of freedom, youth, and success of a new era.

Most of the negotiations at the event were held under the auspices of the cryptocurrency future of the financial market. 80% of the reports were dedicated to the subject of cryptocurrency market, cryptocurrency security and innovative solutions in this sector.

Namely, for this trend, our team has developed several new solutions. Some of them, without extra modesty, are unique and have no analogs among technology providing companies.

Willing to earn big money? Contact us, and you will be surprised at the real opportunities to become a millionaire.

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