Crypto cloud mining

Crypto cloud mining

Cryptocurrency cloud mining solution


Cryptocurrency cloud mining platform by ASM Brain enables people to generate revenue and get a regular flow of cryptocurrencies on their wallets. In other words our cloud hashing system allows users to purchase mining capacity, while all cryptocurrency mining is done remotely in the cloud.

The whole process is hassle free, there is no need to buy mining hardware/software, mining equipment, pay for installation, hosting, electricity or settle other issues. A user can just use cloud to earn coins. In our platform users can mine different types of cryptocurrency contracts: not only Bitcoin but also Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero and many more.
The mining procedure is pretty straight-forward in our platform. A user should first select a contract and cryptocurrency for mining and start the process. And then a regular cryptocurrency flow will be transferred into his personal wallet.

The system features instant connection – mining starts immediately after the payment is confirmed in the system. A user can view all mining information in real-time from any location worldwide. There is profitability statistics for each currency offered in the platform and also ROI chart to help users make analysis and purchase decision.

A user can deposit and withdraw to buy some shares of mining power through multiple payment methods available in the platform, including but not limited to his own Bitcoin wallet. Daily mining record and mining history are also available in the user area to track and monitor mining progress.

Owing to the technology deployed, cryptocurrency cloud mining solution by ASM Brain works for you to deliver the maximum performance, efficiency and return on the marketplace. Our cryptocurrency mining service is suitable for all those who want to get involved in crypto mining today.


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