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ASM Brain is a team of like-minded, extraordinary and creative one-spirited individuals, that are united by the same goals and ideas. Owing to everyday efforts, achievements and interactions of each staff member, all projects developed by us always reach top market positions and get fixed there, rapidly developing at the same time. Every day specialists of our company create and develop new unique solutions and services. Our minds are open – we are looking for new ways and opportunities.

Due to professional skills and outstanding sense of humor we are constantly moving forward by attaching all our efforts, abilities and talents to provide descent services of high quality to each client and affiliate of our company. You may ask what the key to our success is and what differs us among many others? Then we definitely answer you – we are a team of professionals, that treats our work in a responsible and loyal manner, every staff member takes his proper position and deals with tasks that he copes with and likes best.

We are confident in our success and show excellent results of our work on practice, working on new projects and generating new ideas every day. ASM Brain – we use our brain to bring you success!

Quality Control

Department of Quality Control constantly ensures high quality of the developed software. Testing and quality control processes are carried out in parallel with the software development and system integration. Complete product testing is conducted in several steps that include functional and non-functional testing: security and interaction testing; testing of installation and deinstallation, usability testing, failure and recovery testing, configuration testing, performance testing, namely load, stress, stability and volume testing; detected errors fixing, modifications applying, regression testing and final testing.

Department of Quality Control is an independent unit, that ensures objective and transparent quality evaluation.

Content Management

Department of Content Management handles development, SEO-optimization, adaptation, updating, translation and systematization of text, graphic and video content. Integrated search, semantic tagging, web-analytics (Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica etc.) and targeting, examining of needs and key words of the web-site users — our content department can handle all of these and many other tasks, while it consists of qualified SEO-specialists, philologists, linguists and copywriters. As proper and smart content management stimulates rapid promotion and progress of a web-site on the Internet, as well as considerably increases the yield of your investments, as well as marketability of your project.

IT Development

Department of IT Development is the heart of our company, as the most important and significant functions of the company are carried out in here, namely creation, improvement, and maintenance of software product efficiency and reliability. Highly qualified IT-developers of financial software will create a web-site and develop unique graphic design, logo, corporate identity, multimedia products, etc., taking into account individual requirements and possibilities of each customer. Analysis of customer requirements, development of technical specifications and their ratification, modeling of business processes and data flows, targeting of architectural design and prototyping of information solutions, development of customized software, data integration, migration to other technological platforms, transfer of the product to the Department of Quality Control for its complete testing, as well as further development and maintenance of the software solutions. We offer a flexible model of collaboration, showing individual approach to each client.

Marketing and Advertising

Department of Marketing and Advertising is aimed to manage and promote developed products and services. The department is represented by a team of advertising and PR experts, who know everything about products, client sentiment, ability to cooperate with different audience — both with retail and with institutional clients and partners. Analyzing, estimating and predicting market condition and development. Examining of the competitors' activities. Choosing the optimal methods and channels of project promotion. Analysis and improvement of marketing campaigns' efficiency. Selecting of the proper ATL and BTL marketing communications. Creation and development of POS-materials and sales promotion. Our team of creative marketing and advertising experts knows how to use this knowledge and experience smartly in order to create, develop and support good reputation and image of your project.

Technical Support

Department of Technical Support consults clients and provides prompt on-line support. Recording of the requests and solving issues 24/5 in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Russian etc.. Forming of the FAQ base. Technical support is provided by the means of live chat, e-mail, phone calls and HelpDesk service. Our qualified specialists will provide in-time and effective support to all visitors of your web-site. The philosophy of the department consists in individual approach to needs and wishes of every client, what lets increase your web-site conversion considerably.

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