Exchange solution

Exchange solution

Launching your own cryptocurrency exchange


Cryptocurrencies are trending nowadays. The cryptocurrency concept itself has already become mainstream. And now it is the right time to start your own crypto exchange for BTC, BCH, XRP, ETH, LTC, XLM, XMR, other alternative coins and even your own tokens.

Exchange platforms enable trading through cryptocurrencies, Forex, futures, stocks and equities. It's an ultimate tool for various asset price analysis defined by its settings flexibility, wide range of indicators, trading instruments and chart types.

The platform matches orders between those ones who buy and those ones who sell for the best price available through a highly secured environment, enabling processing of millions of transactions each second along with risk controls at your hand. Different types of orders are featured in the platform such as market orders and limit orders.

To start up your own Bitcoin or any digital cryptocurrency exchange business, you certainly need to implement best security practices. Exchanges built with our technology are among the most secured in the world, utilizing best security tools known along with encrypted databases.

Our exchange software includes an integrated wallet, which is a multi-currency payment gateway allowing to easily implement non-limited number of different cryptocurrencies and fiat payment methods. Any currency can be implemented into our exchange software. From alternative cryptocurrencies such as Dash or Ripple to fiat currencies such as Japanese JPY, or even your own personal cryptocurrency – basically any type of currency can be embedded into the exchange platform.

We provide excellent user experience with our user-friendly dashboards, graphical reports like trade chart and market depth chart. At the same time you can set your own pricing and create your own exchange rules.

Exchange software by ASM Brain is totally suitable for businesses which are about to set up their own exchange for digital currencies on a global scale.


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