ICO platform

ICO platform

Software for initial coin offering


Our ICO project covers concrete social issues and will be of great benefit to social welfare. This initial coin offering project is focused on highly motivated investors around the globe who are willing to get a special chance to gain profit through investing in our product via our transparent, fair and secure trading platform.

Cutting-edge technology and security deployed in our platform for coin offering grants full transparency for investors who can buy and store their tockens and get dividends in return as contributors. Once the ICO is successfully completed, all investors will be able to sell these tockens on the market and generate high volume of profit.

What makes our platform for launching ICO campaign so special is other people's vision and mission. The key principle of our ICO process is pretty simple. The main focus is to help people complete their day-to-day work. With the help of global banking industry specialists and leading engineering technicians our project is going to structure a complete banking solution for every individual.

Digital pass technology developed by Hashcoins would create an independent and digital ecosystem which shall allow us not only to integrate a single company, but a whole industry and thus by just a single click get a pass to financial and industrial services.

Our projected financial services will fully interact with international systems in order to respond to the demand of the clients worldwide. If you have already considered banking internal work or if you really are into revolutionary, cutting-edge technology, then you should join this crowdsale and become a part of the cryptocurrency community with us. 


We know how to set up a profitable financial company

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