Cryptocurrency platform

Cryptocurrency platform

Innovative platform for digital currency trading


Cryptocurrency trading platform by ASM Brain is all-in-one platform for digital currency trading and was designed to ensure confident and comfortable trading and full-time access to digital assets to all cryptocurrency traders worldwide.

The system serves as a single interface for trading multiple cryptocurrencies with connectivity to all major global exchanges to offer the best pricing and accurate figures. Trading can be done on pairs of crypto/crypto and crypto/fiat currencies. Traders have an ultimate opportunity to invest money in major cryptocurrencies whether that be Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or any other.

Our system features multi-currency accounts. Upon registration traders are assigned with wallets that can be deposited through blockchains so that they could track their payments through a cryptocurrency payment service for a better experience for traders. There is also a robust bonus system which serves to motivate clients to make high-value deposits.

Our web-based cryptocurrency trading platform features advanced charting capabilities, indicators and widgets that let perform market analysis and at the same time apply different timeframes. There is no need to download the platform, clients can trade from any location in the world and also experience our easy to use and user-friendly mobile apps.

This product introduces also a multi-level partner system differentiated by revenue type and percentage allowing to set up a beneficial multi-level partner program and apply flexible adjustments according to the targets of the company. The platform allows to build a smart partner network to increase the number of the clients and generate more profit.

The product also offers a unified back-office system which consists of a dedicated CRM, risk management tools, analysis and reporting systems, affiliate tracking software to complete control over business processes. System contains information about all clients of the company, financial and trading activity of users, trading accounts of the clients, partner programs and groups, chat history with geolocation, browser and device data storage, requests etc. Storage and systematization of this data help understand a client better and improve service quality, considerably increase sales volume and conversion, optimize marketing strategies and increase business profitability in general.

Cryptocurrency trading platform by ASM Brain is a complete solution for establishment of a new generation online brokerage offering cryptocurrency trading. Our fully customizable, stable and highly accurate platform is designed to provide a new look on the market and unmatched trading experience.


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