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Consulting Services

Get our recommendations and guidelines about choosing the right place to incorporate and run your company, open a merchant bank account and also get your company licensed taking into account tax requirements and other important circumstances. You should share your ideas and expectations with us and we will work out a strategy together to implement it, help you collect all the necessary documents, set up good and long-term relationship with banks and major payment systems. We also provide training services to your staff on technical issues and customer support. Moreover, due to our extensive experience in the industry, our specialists can advise you on how to reduce operating costs and make your business work more efficiently.

Website Development & Design

We develop a competitive online presence by creating websites of any complexity, that easily adapt to the devices of each unique visitor and re-size the content for a variety of different screen sizes. We offer PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery development and programming services along with design services. There are plenty of companies operating on the market these days, and if you want yours to differ and stand out among those ones, then we are at your service. We take personal approach to creation of a unique brand identity for your product, the one to be easily recognized by your customers. We can help you develop your logo design, landing pages, banners, newsletters, video and graphics, presentations and brochures that highlight your advantages, and also redesign your existing site.

Content & Translation Services

Well-written and value-adding text content is an integral and important part to reach to your customers. The content on your website must be a pleasure to read and informative at the same time. It should encourage visitors to come back to your website and take a certain kind of action. We know how to build this kind of content and tailor and customize unique and exclusive website architecture, including education materials, news, blog articles, forecasts, market analysis reports, webinars and other information in multiple languages. As in case you wish your business to go global, it's really important to localize your content, so that your message would be properly understood by the local audience. Our in-house team of professional translators will definitely help you expand your international presence in the industry.

Customer Support

If you wish to run a successful business, then you need to take care of your customers 24/7. That is why we recommend you to build strong and long-term relationship with them and communicate through different channels of customer support, which include on-line chat, phone support, e-mail support, social media conversations, support ticket system in multiple languages, customer self-service, searchable FAQs and how-to pages. Our proprietary solutions help customer service officers monitor, control, track, report and resolve issues using help desk software, that allows to respond to your customers issues effectively and promptly, and ensures that your site users are happy and well-served.

Marketing & Promotion

In order to be visible on the market and differ among hundreds of competitors, you need to build a strong brand identity. We've been doing lots and long-term market research and analysis and have worked out effective and reliable marketing strategies, that will compel your website visitors to choose exactly your product. You should promote your brand and products to the right audience through the right web-resources in order to get great conversions. We will help you get listed in the targeted directories and ratings in the industry, choose and purchase reasonable advertising space through the right marketing channels, set up your affiliate marketing program and involve introducing agents into the process of your brand promotion. Another important step to take is to build a strong social media presence, and thus engage with both existing and potential customers.


Applying smart SEO (search engine optimization) strategies, methodologies and trends helps your business get found online. We do research through your website and industry, examine the targeted keywords relevant for your site, develop attractive infographic and smartly tailored content, design your site to be search engine-friendly, analyze competitive sites in your niche, apply advanced linking building strategies, optimize web-pages of your site for a specific keyword and set up successful PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns, so that your website would be listed within the first pages of search results and get better ranking there. We offer a one time SEO audit, ongoing SEO, reputation management, link building services in order to optimize your site to obtain page 1 ranking in major search engines in order to grow leads and sales.


Our proprietary software developed by the in-house IT department of ASM BRAIN helps you take control and keep track of all activity in one place. Manage and track the transactions of your customers, view and handle their data and activity on the site, monitor the performance of your staff through activity logs, detect internal and external threats, get warned before any issues arise by the means of risk evaluation system, get real-time profit/loss reports and use other multiple functions available at your choice. Our software also easily integrates with your existing site regardless of the CMS or code that were used to develop it. Our developments include multiple plug-ins, trading applications, risk management system, SAF system, CRM, billing system, integrated back-office etc. Whatever idea you've got in mind – just share it with us and we will find the way to develop and implement it!

Social Communication System

Let your customers freely interact and share their interests, experience, back-grounds, achievements, news, current events and activities with each other by the means of instant messages, chats, content sharing, forum etc. over the Internet. This is a new growth engine for obtaining new customers and retaining the old ones, while offering them opportunities for professional online networking. By being a part of the online financial community, your web-resource visitors definitely get many benefits and opportunities, a chance to know each other, make business connections, browse through the users' details and professional interests on their social profiles and get recognized for their skills, and basically make contacts with like-minded people that would be good for them to know.

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