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Intelligent Risk Analyzer Interface

Intelligent Risk Analyzer (IRA) interface consists of several windows at your convenience where a wide range of clients' data is reflected for more precise risk detection. In the security management section you can find account number along with the related information like its holder's login and name, positions quantity for different periods of time, information about profit/loss, positions, their volume, server and platform used and general risk level highlighting the most risky accounts.


Detailed Data Display

It is easy to examine more detailed data of one or another order you are interested in. After filtering accounts by different types of matches, information on the determined account coincidences, location, entry time, order numbers etc shall appear on the screen at your disposal with easy and quick switching over bookmarked accounts. Simultaneously you are available to browse through specifications and activity data of opened and closed positions of the selected account.


User Verification

Possibility of quick passing to the next tab that contains the fullest profile data of the account holder with the documents sent by him, in order to verify account, significantly simplifies fraud identification. Here your company agent can also make special marks for further work with the client. Possibility of carrying out instantaneous user verification with the automatic documentation downloading is also provided directly through IRA interface, that is another advantage of this risk management software.


Financial Management

Financial module of this program guarantees the most complete and precise calculation of company profit per established time period, taking into account even several platforms installed on different servers. Several imperfect points are resolved with the only one solution. Exact calculation of gross and net profit calculating money credited to accounts as bonus funds separately. You can finally manage to perform a full-rate audit. A huge data base, several trading platforms or/and servers wouldn't create obstacles now!


Staff Management

Staff management tab allows you to control the whole working process of your company staff. Having set the access rights for each agent, you can totally control your employees activities. Manage and assign responsibilities by granting or restricting special rights to agents, separate managers or groups of employees. Log file contains exact time of every action carried out recorded, thus it is easily to determine the agent who conducted that or another operation as well as to check how long his or her working day was lasting. Total control over order processing on the regular price is also ensured by Intelligent Risk Analyzer.

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