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ASM BRAIN specializes in IT development and web promotion of the companies that operate on the financial markets. We help start-up companies and companies that have already been operating on the market for some time get leading positions on the market and expand their business. We provide our services both to institutional and to retail brokerages, cryptocurrency companies, on-line gambling companies, payment systems and other financial companies.

Smart Financial Solutions

Clients in search of smart, reliable and cost-effective solutions come exactly to us to get innovative technology and relevant information. Whether you need to create a web-site in multiple languages, fill it with unique optimized content, promote your financial product, secure your web-site, get innovative financial software, integrate a back-office and a billing system, any payment gateway, provide your customers with professional client support, get help with company registration, licensing, opening a corporate bank account — whatever you need, you will definitely get technology, assistance and advice from ASM BRAIN.

New Horizons

While providing IT services and developing brand new specifically tailored software and applications for financial business, we are aiming to change the face of the market once and for all. The range of our products varies from Automated Risk Management System, that enables your company systematically identify, monitor, analyze and treat internal and external risks; to Financial Operating System, that can be completely integrated as a full set of functions (such as billing engine, report generation, invoicing, partner revenue management, problem handling, auditing and security) with any web-site, regardless of the CMS or engine that was used to create this exact web-site, in order to essentially come up its architecture; to advanced unique SAF System, that is based on trading software technology. These applications along with many others are specially developed by ASM BRAIN to guarantee accurate, successful and profitable business management.

By trusting the financial industry experts — ASM BRAIN, you choose the right way to join the circle of true market leaders. ASM BRAIN — we use our brain to bring success to your business!

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