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P2P trading platform

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May, 02, 2018


Past few months, a lot of negative news and reviews related to unscrupulous binary options brokers are appearing in the Internet environment.
Undoubtedly, most of this information flow is nothing more than a different kind of PR-throws to denigrate competitors, yet some part -
The attempt of unskilled traders to take revenge on the brokers, in which these traders suffered losses. However, it is worth acknowledging that some percentage of this negative feedback is a rather true statement of impartial facts - some binary brokers sometimes allow schemes for manipulating the results of trades, and often unintentionally. For example, getting quotes and rates from unverified sources, or being attacked by hacker communities, which leads to interference in work of systems and failures at initialization of results of trading.
Analyzing such incidents, our team created a product that best suits those traders and analysts who love dynamics and drive trade on binary sites and at the same time want Swiss precision and impartiality.
The solution is completely suitable for both individual traders and B2B participants.
Simplicity and transparency are the main distinguishing features of this type of trading platform. When opening an order, you do not need to calculate the spreads, the commission platforms, other costs, which in most trading platforms are visible only when crediting profits. Everything is as simple and intuitive as possible.
The platform quotes summaries from the top-10 world exchanges, which are displayed on the interface in real time. Traders are not at all worried about
the correctness of quotations, which allows you to focus only on the correct financial analysis and accurate determination of the trend of a particular currency pair.
The distribution of profit or loss is made through a smart contract that automatically distributes the amounts between the participants, depending on
results of the trade. The commissioning platform is also fixed in percentage, so no additional charges or costs can arise even
in theory.
Using a smart contract, like replenishing a trading account with tokens, is a guarantee of security when carrying out transactions on the platform. Furthermore, all trading results, as well as crediting of funds to the accounts of traders are recorded and recorded in the locker.
Execution of transactions occurs almost instantly. The result of trades is an invariable fact, since the principle of interaction between traders
is determined and controlled by smart-contract algorithms.
One of the attractive factors is a stable and unchanged percentage of proceeds from the transaction - 98%. It is this figure that is the net profit for
the winning trader after deducting the platform commission.
As already mentioned above, the algorithms for the blocking of the smart contract are the neuro-controlling core of this product. This innovation allows not only accurately distribute profits, guarantee the accuracy of the results of trading, but also to simplify the administrative functionality as much as possible. The functional set admin panel is reduced to a statistical listing of transactions and trades conducted on the platform. In terms of business development, this allows you to minimize costs on personnel with the function of classic support-management, as the support is carried out in automatic mode, which allows you to concentrate efforts employees on the development of marketing and building an effective system of attracting the client audience.

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