The 11th International Financial Expo in Shenzhen

The 11th International Financial Expo in Shenzhen

Day 1 at the Expo

November, 05, 2017


The 1st day of the 11th Financial Expo in Shenzhen was rather an open door event with some intoductions from governmental authorities.

Remarkably this Expo was organized by citic government what has a great influence on speakers' and attendants communication sincerity ;-)

Inspite of having quite long ceremony of opening and greeting speech, the 1st day at Expo was absolutely busy with the visitors mainly from Hong Kong and China. During midday time there were several times when our booth was absolutely full with the visitors and it was making an impression that we were selling hard boiled chinese noodles for a lunch ;-)

Keep posting with further evets from the venue we're displaying at.   

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