SAF software by ASM Brain

SAF software by ASM Brain

New software! SAF (Social Analytical Funding System) Module by ASM Brain that has recently become one of the most popular financial tools due to its highest profitability and ...

December, 01, 2013


Congratulations with new financial software developed by our programming specialists! It is SAF (Social Analytical Funding System) by ASM Brain that has become one of the most popular financial tools for the last time due to its high interest, profitability and involvement of the all the financial related parties.

The SAF system functioning consists in the following: a manager (experienced trader) trades on an account (SAF account), other traders (with insufficient knowledge for trading) invest in managed account, and the earned profit is divided between the manager and investors. Manager gets profit from trading on his own account plus percentage from investors' income that each investor pays to manager for his managing their funds; and investors get profit earned by the manager for them.

SAF system integration with your brokerage web-site provides clients of your brokerage company – traders, with all the trading data displayed in personal profiles. Due to linear correlation analysis approach of software specialists, charts, graphics and diagrams of traders' accounts statistics were formed and displayed on the pages of the web-site that makes it much more easier and pleasant for users to acquire information. A trader can become a manager, investor or SAF partner directly in his personal profile on the site. Set configuration for own SAF account to manage. Or choose the most suitable SAF account to invest, by browsing SAF rating and searching or sorting accounts whether by username, duration period, profitability, balance or other key points. Deposit, INVEST or withdraw funds from SAF accounts via bank wire transfers, electronic payments or card processing systems just in a couple of steps.

Integrate SAF software with your brokerage and intuitive SAF backoffice on the site making people come back to your site.

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