Token Listing

Token Listing

Get your token listed on multiple exchanges at a time


Token listing on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges is crucial to the success factor of your business and project. However, this process may be quite challenging, expensive, and time-consuming. As long as all exchanges have different criteria in terms of tokens and coins that they accept, and you need to comply with all of them to get your token successfully listed. Exchanges assess coins according to their individual criteria. As a result, the requirements and fees for a token/coin listing are wide ranging in the industry. The fees can be really high when it comes to listing on the leading exchanges, and you should still consider your marketing activities and marketing budget, not to mention other operating costs, to promote your token and reach your audience. That's where ASMBRAIN can assist you and significantly reduce costs and time needed to get your token listed.

What we offer?

Taking into account all these factors, we have come up with an exclusive Listing Application Program to enable cryptocurrency projects to apply for listing of their tokens or coins with a single submission on multiple exchanges that we work with. We have a wide range of trusted exchanges that we have provided with our proprietary cryptocurrency exchange software. Thus, by taking part in our Crypto Listing Program, you reach numerous exchange projects that we already work with and, besides, all exchanges that we will work with in the future. Some of these exchanges are being set up, while others are already well known in the industry. We offer to list your tokens against multiple fiat pairs available through exchange trading platforms. As a result, your token will be listed on our network of whitelabel exchanges in a timely and cost effective manner.

What are the advantages?

-  Guaranteed listing on numerous trusted exchanges;
-  Single application submission;
-  Eliminating obstacles with speed of approval;
-  Reducing overall time, expenses, and costs of approval;
-  Maximizing number of potential investors;
-  Significantly raising trading volume capacity of your token and its market liquidity;
-  Increasing your project sale potential and exposure to investors.

How to apply?

For more details on our Crypto Exchange Listing Services, please contact our sales team.


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