Ticket system

Ticket system

Centralized ticketing system


Ticket system allows to ensure efficient interpersonal communication between the client and your company staff members. This is an effective instrument to interact with clients, deal with  all your customers’ questions and concerns, which allows you to increase conversion and sales volume, to streamline your assistance service and drastically improve experience of your customers.

With the help of tickets a client may ask a question and get feedback from your company employee, moreover upload necessary documents and get response with a possibility of feedback through interactive messages. Ticket system makes it unnecessary to purchase additional software or use third-party email services. All the necessary operations are performed inside the system and are kept in one place.

Ticketing system by ASM Brain is an automated system to deal with requests and applications of the clients. It enables to process tickets and add comments and notes. There is each request specification and overview of all files and documents uploaded by clients through their personal profiles on site. Our ticketing software supports all types of attachment extensions. There is also an opportunity to upload documents in the system manually. Staff members can apply different filters and route incoming tickets to the right departments of the company. All support requests and responses are archived and stored in the system.

Our help desk system also provides overview and basic historical statistics on tickets count, as well as their processing statuses, making ticket management much easier for the staff member to assist the customer more quickly to solve the issue. All customer information kept in the ticketing system is searchable, you can track every conversation from its origin to resolution.

This help desk portal is a single destination for your clients to get answers, assistance and track their tickets. The centralized system helps build stronger relationships with your customers.


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