Technical support

Technical support

Every software requires support and maintenance


Informational technologies have become an integral part of almost every business nowadays.  Unexpected downtimes or unstable work can affect business activity with a negative impact on earnings, quality of the services and even customer confidence in your company. It will definitely be great to nip the problems in the bud and fix all the issues before they gain grounds resorting to prompt support service beforehand.   

ASM Brain provides the full range of technical support services 24/7. Our team of talent motivated professionals working with different programming languages and other systems are always ready to assist you in prompt solving any technical issues. We provide support services via live chat, e-mail, phone calls and HelpDesk. We examine, check and optimize your software within a short period of time and in line with your business needs and requirements.

We clearly realize that the completion of the project is rather just the beginning rather an end. Every software solution requires regular maintenance and support to secure stable and smooth operation. For that purpose, reliable support service is a "must have" for any business, and the technical support team of ASM Brain is always available to help you with this issue. Thus, you can stay focused on the key activities, while we will manage the software part of your business with the up-to-date technologies.   

Our team carries out an error and bug tracking, technical troubleshooting to avoid downtimes and crashes as well as deals with software upgrades and performance boosting. Moreover, you will be fully aware of the state of your software as we provide the required technical documentation and reports. 


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