Fraud control system

Fraud control system

Guaranteed operational fraud protection


Enterprises of all sizes, whether a global corporation or smaller businesses, on the global market have similar goals to increase sales, improve business revenues and expand market opportunities. To achieve these targets, they must continually check all their business relations for fraud risks.

Our intelligent fraud control software technologies analyze operational risks to prevent fraud before it actually occurs. Owing to our advanced cutting edge fraud detection and prevention methods along with data analysis, ongoing research, optimization and expertise, fraud control system by ASM Brain guarantees you business performance improvement and business protection against any kind of operational fraud: new account fraud, account takeover, referral and promo abuse, payment fraud, inner fraud etc.

To prevent potential risks, you need to apply not only prevention strategies, but also have detection methods in place. It is really important to observe and update your fraud detection strategies to make sure they are efficient.

ASM Brain offers a variety of fraud prevention solutions that help protect the security of your operations and client data. One of the best ways to safeguard information of your company is to carefully control access against unauthorized use. Embedded self-optimizing machine learning models protect your business against fraud. Customizable machine learning algorithms evolve with the changing nature of fraud.

Our proprietary fraud protection technology helps businesses create and develop their risk analysis strategies. These technologies ensure early detection of fraudulent operations and protection against any possible monetary damages and reputation damage.


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