This product at the moment has no similar even a prototype in the financial markets. The main reasons that allow calling this product the quintessence of trade and exchange technologies are as below:

1) all the algorithms of the system are built on the basis of a smart contract solution.

2) the principle of "trader vs trader" allows you to make maximum use of analytics and news resources, without fear that the third force with its large investment can turn the market back.

3) the system of replenishment of the trading account through the token minimizes commissions and protects the trader from the conflict situations associated with the replenishment of the trading account using fiat money.

In fact, this type of trading is rather a financial betting and has to do with bookmaking, as two opposite forecasts for a financial event take part in the "bidding" process and profits are limited only by the volume of investments of two parties, each of which invests in its analytical forecast.

Thus, this finbetting platform is a pure core of interest to subtle analysts or analytical agencies who are ready to confirm the correctness of their estimations for the event of a particular event by a certain amount of investment, that is, a stake.

The architecture of the front-end interface is quite simple, but at the same time, it broadcasts all the necessary information for the transaction. Quotations in real time mode and their sources are displayed directly on the interface of the platform. Verifying their authenticity is relatively easy, in parallel by going to the specified resources in the tab of the web browser.

The timing of the implementation of the transaction has several options, which are quite enough to fix the trend starting from 5 minutes up to 24 hours.

The admin panel or back-end is a center of statistical information. The reason for the modest functional, as mentioned above, is an arbitrage neural system based on a smart contract solution. That is, any action of counterparties on the transaction is automatically controlled and recorded in the blockchain log system.

In our opinion, the use of a trading platform based on a smart contract will create an atmosphere of absolutely impartial arbitration in the control of transactions and makes it absolutely impossible for any intervention of third parties.

The system passed serious tests for the user load in real time, and also received high protection from hacker and other malicious actions.

Of course, this is the best offer in the peer-to-peer segment, which can be interesting not only for private users but also for corporate players in this market sector.